Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hi. Long time no see.

I deleted most of the posts in this blog.

Hi blog, it has been some time since I updated it. This is not going to be food post. HAHA
My turning point started in this January, I am officially a degree student in JR, it kinda late for me to enter because of the failed subjects #epic fail maths intolerance
So, no more jokes from others saying I never been to block H because foundation students mainly stay in block b to d. Nahhh. My class now started from block b to block n. Problem? HAHA
I said it is a turning point because it is a big change for me. I never thought I will studying journalism, I simply choose it because it is a subject with non or less calculations. And I thought my essay is good since I get A1 for my 1119. Alright, I thought. THOUGHT. Alright? (perasan sangat budak ni)

And my batch has less than 15 people, 1 Honkie and 1 Euro-asian mix. I was not used to it and even feel inferior because they spoke English. Be frank, I never use English to chat with others in real for around 2 years. So, at first I was like '..erk...*mix some malays*..*mix some cantonese* ' LOL.
I often complain my previous group in S stream is sorta boring, because they can't get my jokes sometimes, and they only know how to study. Alelele. But I miss them when I am in JR. HAHA. Make some noise please, my JR course is too quiet.

At first I couldn't mix with them and I have no friends for around 3 days =( But I stepped out my first step and I get to know a girl who speak Chinese finally who transferred her course from international business and this girl became my companion. And then, I dont know how and when they noticed me and we started to befriend anddd so far so good, yeah.
I dont want to purposely make them happy and go into their world like they are special. For me, humans are humans no matter what nation you are.

I love JR gradually because I am doing something that I comfy with. Designs, essays, presentations are alright if compared to calculations and biological terms.

Imma happy kid.
I am trying to be a better me, to prove that the decision I made is right.
Love ya.
Happy CNY in advance.

: )

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy 5 months. : )

Always wanted to go this place because I find it unique when I look at the website given by BBT. The cakes provided are luscious and scrumptious. BBT loves Tiramisu alots, hence we get to go this place to try on its layered Tiramisu : )

Tiramisu Layer Cake

You can feel the layers as it melted in your mouth with some koko powdered. Not too sweet and everything is so *ngam ngam*

I love his serious look. <3 He wrote something and say make a secret between us. : )

somewhere, soeone will dream of your smile. BBT, you delighted me. : )

I am happy in these 5 months, you're my joy. : ) Thanks for your companion in my up and down. I wouldn't be that tough without you. Thanks for taking care of me and nag me like a granny, I know it is for my own good, sometimes I find it annoying for reporting my status to you, but after all, I understand how much you woried of me. Thanks babe. Stay happy. All the best in your finals. ILY. : )

There is no remedy but to love more. 

Before I forget, I thought of both of you when I see this. Jee and Wen Qi : ) My 2 hello kitty lovers <3

Dreamz Bakery

No32-1,The Strand,Jalan PJU5/20D,Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hour
12 pm - 10 pm ( Tuesday-close )

012-2003441 (ps:only available during working hour)

                                                     Thanks for viewing

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wei Jia

Just viewed Wei Jia's blog and wondering how much we'd changed. She is a friend that accompany me during my teens. I didn't meet her before, and she is my online friend. I used to text with her everyday, sharing problems with her of course my happiness as well. I used to feel secure to talk to her because I was in misery last time, I don't know who should I rely on.
She is good in writing, when you free, pay a visit to her blog. You can feel the thinnest and most sentimental feelings that hidden within us. She can describe it vividly and her words melt. *I am a big supporter of her posts* LOL
She's like my soulmate, gives me courages and support like my other friends do. She occupied a portion in my heart and irreplaceable : ) I still love her and appreciate her of course. 
I remember our promises, to meet in the year of 18. But didn't make it =( Nevermind, I know we will meet somedays. Wei Jia, do you feel something draw us closer? : ) We're gonna meet soon. : )
For you,
Glad that you're much more happier now. I miss you too.
Hope you will see this.